What is the right way to bet on eSports?

One of the most interesting questions in gambling right now is whether you can make money betting on cyber sports. The answer to this question is complex, as there are many different types of betting, including match winner markets, betting on specific cards and event winner markets. With the growth of cyber sports over the last few years, there are many more betting options to choose from.

So, what are the best types of bets to place when betting on cyber sports? First of all, let’s identify some things to consider when choosing a market to bet on cybersport.

What do you need to consider when choosing a market for cyber sports betting?

The first key aspect is whether the game is a team game or a singles game. There are two main types of games in cybersport: team games and individual games. In the former, each team consists of multiple players competing as part of a squad to win matches or tournaments.

Team Games

In games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends which have a team format, the chances of each player and the team itself will be the same. The question is who you think will win and how confident you are of that bet.

In CS:GO it’s a similar story, but when you bet on Astralis to win against Na’Vi in January’s ELEAGUE Major, you will win the same amount of money whichever Astralis player strikes.

From time to time, CS:GO players have ‘hot spades’ where they seem unstoppable and can win with any weapon. A prime example is Olofmeister at DreamHack Malmo 2016, where he posted an astounding 55 kills without dying. If you put money on him winning a match against Na’Vi at that tournament, the odds would be astronomical.


But here’s where it gets interesting: not all cyber sports are team-based, and not all odds will analyse them in the same way. In games such as Starcraft II and Hearthstone, players compete individually to become tournament champions.

For example, this January’s DreamHack Leipzig tournament on StarCraft II drew over $100,000. The tournament featured a small field of 16 players who competed in four groups of four. In games like this, each player is independent and you only need to consider their value as individuals.

There are many different strategies that can be used in Starcraft II. The best known of these is “zerg onslaught”, which basically means attacking small creatures on your enemy in an attempt to destroy him before he has time to create a fighting force. This is the most common way to defeat an enemy, along with other strategies. In Starcraft II, players tend to specialize in certain strategies, and you can earn money by predicting which strategy they will use against their opponent.

If you were to bet on the player nicknamed “SpeCial” to win DreamHack Leipzig, you would get odds of 1.44 when he meets the Protoss player Harstem in the quarterfinals. If you were to bet on Zerg player Nerchio to beat Protoss player ShoWTimE in their match, you would get odds of 1.72 at the start of the match, which would increase to 2.08 by the end of the match.

Also keep in mind that in Starcraft II, players can choose from several maps in each match before deciding which one to play. This brings us to our next point: betting on specific cards.

That’s exactly what they’re like: betting on a player’s victory on a specific card, not on the entire tournament or match. In Starcraft II, each map has its own balance of power between different races, and that’s what you need to consider when betting. For example, on the Terraces of Prion map, Nercio is particularly favourable to defeating Protoss players, while Harstem tends to perform well against Zerg players on this map.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when placing a bet on cyber sports, and at first it may seem a little complicated. But the good news is that if you do your research on each player and card before you place a bet, you can see the value of the odds and determine whether it’s worth the money to bet. You can bet on cyber sports with the bookmaker betdeluxe