Participant Information

2017 Competition Dates

Wednesday, June 7

Master Class (elective) & Check-in for all arrived (in Boardroom at Ben Lomond Hotel)
Check-in: 4:00-6:00pm – All Ballet Solos, Contemporary & Ensembles (arrived). For large groups over 15 students ABC will arrange specific time – ABC will contact group leader to arrange time.

Thursday, June 8

Contemporary Solos Competition
All Ballet & Ensembles not checked in on Wednesday – Check-in: 5:00-6:00pm

Friday, June 9

Divisions II & III – Ballet Solos Round I & Ensembles
Check-in: 9:00am ONLY with prior arrangement. Contact ABC to arrange.

Saturday, June 10

Ballet Solos Division I  – 1 Round
Ballet Solos Divisions II & III – Round II
Performance & Awards Ceremony

A detailed schedule of events will be e-mailed to participants in May.

Division I Ballet Solos

Pre-competitive – Age 9
Pre-Teen – Ages 10 & 11

Classes, staging and competition will be held on Saturday, June 10. Pre-competitive may compete in the classical ballet solo and ensemble categories. Pre-teens may compete in classical, contemporary and ensemble categories.

Pre-teen competitors may elect an additional classical solo. If second solo is added the highest score will be used to determine final score.  Competition is held in one round with the order of performance youngest to oldest.

Select classical variation(s) listed for Division I – see MUSIC. Variation length not to exceed 2.5 minutes.

Student’s teacher should adhere to the original choreography but make it age-appropriate. Variations may be performed on or off pointe. If on pointe student will be judged for ability and readiness to be working on pointe.

Division I may participate in master classes Wednesday – Saturday.


Includes VIP Competitor Credential for master classes (Weds-Sat) and all competition rounds, coaching/spacing sessions, Certificate of Participation, Awards Ceremonies, ABC Showcase and reception on Saturday, June 10. One parental 3-Day ticket to all Competitions.

$250 Entry Fee

Age 10 & 11 may add elective:
$90 Additional Ballet Solo

Divisions II & III Ballet Solos

Juniors – Age 12 to 14
Seniors – Age 15 to 20

Division II and III participants compete in the Classical Ballet solo category in 2 rounds, selecting variations from ABC’s variations list -see MUSIC. Each variation not to exceed 2.5 minutes. Competitors may elect to perform an additional classical solo and may also compete in the Contemporary and Ensemble categories on Thursday, June 8 and Ensemble category on Friday, June 9.

Ballet Round 1 – Friday, June 9: Contestants perform their first classical variation pre-selected and prepared from ABC’s SHORT LIST of variations. On Friday this variation will be additionally staged/coached by ABC staff and then performed in class attire (tights & leotard) for the jury. All contestants proceed to second round on Saturday.

Ballet Round 2 – Saturday, June 10: Division II’s may elect to compete with Saturday’s variation in costume or with a different variation from ABC’s LONG LIST of approved variations. Division III’s MUST compete in Round 2 with a different variation from Long List. An optional additional variation may be performed by both divisions.

Division III competitors who are interested in Traineeships are advised to participate in the Contemporary Solo Category.


Includes rounds 1 & 2 classical solos, VIP Credential for master classes (Wed-Sat), staging/coaching sessions, Certificate of Participation, ABC Showcase, Awards Ceremony and Reception on Saturday, June 10. One parental 3-Day ticket to all Competitions.

$315 Entry Fee

May add electives:
$90 Additional Ballet Solo
$90 Contemporary Solo
$90 Add’l Contemporary Solo

Contemporary Solos

Division I – (Age 10 & 11) & Divisions II & III

Contemporary competition is open to student ages 10-20 as of June 1. Contemporary participants may, but do not have to, compete in the Ballet Solo divisions.

No tap or extreme hip-hop is to be incorporated in contemporary solo. Jazz and lyrical may be integrated as the choreography may require. Contemporary solos may be performed on or off pointe. Contemporary solos are not to exceed 2.5 minutes in length and be no shorter than 1.5 minutes.

The daily schedule begins with a master ballet class followed by a contemporary workshop. In the workshop a short 1.5 minute contemporary piece will be taught and coached to all contemporary contestants. Contestants then perform the new piece in class attire for the jury. After this preliminary competition, all contestants will perform the contemporary piece they have prepared and brought with them. If second solo is added the highest score will be used to determine final score.


Includes VIP Credential for master classes (Weds-Sat), all competition rounds, Certificate of Participation, Awards Ceremonies and Reception on Saturday, June 10.

$90 Students already registered in Ballet Solo divisions
$315 Participating ONLY in Contemporary competition

May add elective:
$90 Additional Contemporary Solo


All Divisions

Group performers may but aren’t required to compete in Classical or Contemporary Solo category. Ensemble’s division placement is determined by the average age of it’s participants.

Ensembles’ repertory may be performed from the classical ballet repertory or be an original choreographic work. Ensemble category includes groups of 4-20 dancers, duets, trios and classical pas de deux.

Time Limits:
Duets and Trios – 2:45 minutes.
Pas de deux – up to 6 minutes, may include adagio and coda sections. No variations.
Ensembles – 4 to 9 dancers 3:30 minutes; 10 to 20 dancers 5:30 minutes; 20-30 dancers 7 minutes

Ensembles will compete Friday, June 9 after the Ballet Solo Competition. Target beginning time 7:00pm. Groups must attach completed ABC ensemble participant list to their registration form. Participants not registered in Ballet Solo Divisions may elect to take daily master class for a fee. Master classes will be offered June 7 to 10. If second solo is added the highest score will be used to determine final score.


Includes Certificate of Participation, ABC Showcase Performance, Awards Ceremony and Reception on Saturday, June 10. Inclusions not for those already competing in Classical & Contemporary Solo categories as they are previously covered.

$85 Entry fee per group

$40 per participant
$60 per Pas de Deux participant

May add electives:
$30 per master class per dancer (up to 4 days) if NOT already participating in Ballet and Contemporary Solo categories which includes all classes.